Port health charges

The port health charges for 2022/23 are outlined below. These are reviewed annually and increases are implemented from 1 April each financial year.  

Ship sanitation certificates (inspections)

Plymouth City Council Port Health Authority operates between the core hours of  9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). Ship sanitation inspections can be arranged during these hours.  Please ask about availability by calling 01752 398501 or email porthealth@plymouth.gov.uk with a subject line: “Ship Sanitation Request”. If officers are available, the visit can be booked online


Gross tonnage of vessel Charge (£)
Up to 1,000 110
1,001 to 3,000 150
3,001 to 10,000 220
10,001 to 20,000 285
20,001 to 30,000 365
Over 30,000 425
Vessels with the capacity to carry between 50 and 1,000 persons  425
Vessels with the capacity to carry more than 1,000 persons  725
Extension of a Ship Sanitation Certificate 80

Extra charges may be added for exceptional costs such as launch hire (at the discretion of the port operator/harbour master), out-of-hours duties and extended or re-inspections of ships due to 'control measures'.


Water sampling onboard vessels

Due to our laboratory's availability, samples can only be taken Monday to Thursday. Sampling outside of this would only be in emergencies and subject to availability.  

Please ask about availability by calling 01752 398501 or email porthealth@plymouth.gov.uk with a subject line “Ship Water Test Request”. If officers are available the test can be booked online

Activity Charge (£)
First sample 125
First sample with Ship sanitation certificate 85 + Ship sanitation cost (table above)
Additional samples - Bacteriological 39
Additional samples - Legionella 39
Additional samples - Chemical Cost determined by lab

Export certificates

Plymouth City Council Port Health Authority can certify Export Health Certification for fishery products and in some circumstances food safety premise endorsements for other products where official certification does not exist.  

Please ask about services offered by using our online form or calling 01752 398501

Activity Charge (£)
Fishery product health certificates 84
Fishery product support attestations 84
Other food safety premises endorsements/certificate of origin 45

Certificate re-issues will be charged at the original fee


Catch certificates - Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU)

Plymouth City Council Port Health Authority uses a per consignment basis for its charges. Where multiple catch certificates are submitted for the same consignment which includes high and low risk country certificates, the higher risk charge will be applied. 

Number of catch certificates

High risk charge (£) Low risk charge (£)
1 - 5 45 24
6 -10 69 40
11 - 20 82 50
21+ 93 61

Imports coming directly from the following flag states are currently defined as low risk: 

  • EEA/EFTA country (Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands) 
  • Country with a bilateral agreement with the EU for IUU purposes (USA, Canada, New Zealand), for example fish caught by a US fishing vessel and processed in a US approved establishment 

The following imports are currently defined as high risk: 

  • Fish caught by other third country fishing vessel, 
  • Fish from EU/bilateral/EEA/EFTA countries that have been processed in a third country (indirectly imported), e.g. fish caught by a US fishing vessel and processed in a Vietnamese approved establishment. (Fish caught by a vessel registered to an EU/EFTA/bilateral country and subsequently processed in another third country loses its low risk status and is charged at the higher rate.) 

Other charges

Activity Charge (£)
Formal verification/Movement control notice 93
Late notification fee 61
Non-compliance fee 111
Supervising destruction/Re-export fee 111

Contact Port Health

Email: porthealth@plymouth.gov.uk  

Tel: 01752 398501