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Radford Quarry (CWS)

Radford QuarryRadford Quarry is located in the south east of Plymouth next to Radford Lake. The site covers 5.22 hectares and is privately owned and managed isn't accessible to the public. A variety of habitats are present including grassland, low scrubs, wet flushes and cliff habitats. The site contains a rich diversity of limestone plants and wildlife, with a number of nationally rare and nationally scare species having been recorded.

The site was designated a County Wildlife Site because of its limestone habitats.

Species include:

  • Dwarf mouse-ear (nationally scarce)
  • Pyramidal orchid
  • Lesser centaury
  • Round-leaved crane's-bill
  • Pale flax
  • Ivy broomrape

Invertebrate records include the nationally scarce centipede Henia vesuviana and butterflies such as the locally scarce brown argus Aricia agestis. The site also supports a healthy badger population and has good potential for supporting a range of bat species, with greater horseshoe bats found in recent years.