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Report adult abuse or neglect

Who is Adult Safeguarding for?

The person you are concerned about is aged 18 years or over.  As a result of their physical or mental health needs, they are not able to look after themselves without support. They do not have to be in receipt of adult social care but could be eligible for this.

The adult is experiencing, or at risk of abuse or neglect.

Due to their needs and abilities, they are not able to protect themselves from abuse or neglect.

For more information about Adult Safeguarding visit:

Types of abuse

Adult abuse takes many forms including:

  • physical abuse such as hitting, slapping or pushing
  • neglect such as not being cared for properly, ignoring medical or physical needs, not having enough food, water or heating
  • emotional or psychological abuse such as shouting or swearing, threats or intimidation, not being allowed to see friends and family or make your own choices
  • sexual abuse such as unwanted touching, kissing or sexual intercourse or sexual contact without consent or with pressured consent
  • financial abuse such as theft, forcing someone to sign over money or property, making financial transactions without consent
  • discriminatory abuse such as comments about someone's disability, age, illness or sexual orientation
  • domestic abuse such as controlling, forceful or threatening behaviour, honour-based violence and female genital mutilation
  • modern slavery such as human trafficking and forced labour
  • self-neglect such as hoarding or not looking after their environment, not looking after themselves day to day, not managing their health needs

If the above applies to the situation you are concerned about, use this form

If you are not able to complete the form, please call 01752 668000 and choose the adult social care option to speak with someone.

Alternatives to adult safeguarding

When safeguarding is not appropriate for the concerns that you have, consider these options

  • If the person is in danger now, please call 999.
  • If you are concerned about someone with immediate mental health needs or suicide risk call the First Response Mental Health Crisis Line 0800 923 9323 or visit the Livewell Southwest website
  • If you believe the person you are concerned about has unmet care needs contact adult social care ,you can use this to raise new concerns or to follow up existing concerns. If you are aware that the persons case is already allocated, email directly to the allocated workers or call 01752 668000 and ask for adult social care.
  • If you have concerns for modern slavery and the person does not meet the adult safeguarding criteria above, visit our modern slavery page
  • If you are concerned about Anti-Social Behaviour in a community seek a community trigger by following advice on our Anti-social behaviour page
  • If you have had difficulty with this form call 01752 668000
  • If you are a professional and not sure if the situation is an adult safeguarding adult matter, call our live advice line 01752 304401 Calls are for advice only we are not able to take the referral from calls to this number.  

What we do when we get a report

On receipt of the report of abuse the Plymouth City Council Adult Safeguarding team will make enquiries and collect as much information as we can from other agencies involved. We'll consider the wishes of the person you're worried about and the seriousness of the situation. Based on the information gathered we will support you or the person at risk to access the most appropriate support. We will endeavour where possible to provide referrers with feedback on the outcome of referrals.

We will offer them information and advice so they can make a choice about any help they need or action they want to take. If they can't make an informed choice, we'll take action to support and protect them in their best interest.