Schools forum

The schools forum is made up from representatives from schools and academies. There's also some representation from non-school organisations, such as nursery and 16 to 19 education providers.

The forum acts in a consultative role on some issues and a decision making role on others.

Consultative role:

  • Changes to the local funding formula (we make the final decision)
  • Proposed changes to the operation of the minimum funding guarantee
  • Changes to or new contracts affecting schools (for example school meals)
  • Arrangements for pupils with special educational needs, in pupil referral units and in early years provision

Decision making role:

  • How much funding may be retained by us within the dedicated schools grant (for example providing an admissions service or providing additional funding for growing schools)
  • Any proposed carry forward of deficits on central spend from one year to the next
  • Proposals to de-delegate funding from maintained primary and secondary schools (for example staff supply cover, insurance, behaviour support)
  • Changes to the scheme of financial management

 Schools forum power and responsibilities [PDF, 103KB]


Membership of the schools forum must be proportional to the pupil population in maintained schools and academies. 

 Schools Forum Membership January 2020 [PDF, 214KB]


The forum holds a minimum of four meetings a year, however if there's a business need for a decision or formal view to be expressed by the forum, additional meetings can be arranged. Meetings are open to members of the public.


 Minutes [PDF, 337KB]

 Budget Setting January 2020 [PDF, 206KB]

 Appendix 1 [PDF, 269KB]

 Appendix 2 [PDF, 414KB]

 Appendix 4 [PDF, 73KB]

 High Needs Update January 2020 [PDF, 155KB]

 SEND Business Plan Case [PDF, 136KB]

 Agenda [PDF, 103KB]

 Minutes [PDF, 163KB]

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 Budget Setting January 2019 [PDF, 235KB]

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 Appendix 2 [PDF, 415KB]

 Appendix 3 [PDF, 124KB]

 Appendix 4 [PDF, 525KB]

 Appendix 5 [PDF, 79KB]

 Appendix 6 [PDF, 79KB]

 Appendix 7 [PDF, 136KB]

 Appendix 8 [PDF, 414KB]

 Appendix 9 [PDF, 130KB]

 Appendix 10 [PDF, 44KB]


See previous schools forum meetings for archived minutes and papers.

Upcoming meetings

  • 11 November 2020, 2pm-4pm

  • 9 December 2020, 2pm-4pm