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Sir Patrick Abercrombie and James Paton-Watson

Making of a modern city

The Making of a Modern City exhibition at took place at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery in 2013 and celebrated the 70th anniversary of James Paton Watson and Patrick Abercrombie's 'A Plan for Plymouth' - the document outlining the proposed changes to the function and layout of the city centre and its neighbourhoods.

It highlighted the reconstruction of the city following heavy bombing during World War II, the formulation of the plan, the key people involved, the implementation of the plan, and the legacy we can still see today.

The exhibition looked into the city's archive collections and reveals previously unseen documents, plans and images that record the people, politics and places that shaped the city we know today.

The material in this section is a legacy of the 2013 exhibition.

Illustration from 'A Plan for Plymouth', 1943
© Plymouth City Council Arts and Heritage