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Taxi ranks and fares

We are responsible for licensing the following vehicles carrying up to and including eight passengers:

  • Hackney Carriage Vehicles: these are usually London style cabs known as taxi’s, and can be flagged down in the street or pre-booked. 
  • Private Hire Vehicles:  These are usually saloon cars or people carriers and must be pre-booked; they can’t use a taxi rank or be flagged down. 


We make sure that you travel safely by checking and licensing taxis, private hire vehicles and drivers. All vehicles have a licensing plate fixed to the back and drivers must wear a badge. Don't get into a vehicle if you don't think it's licensed - report it to or 01752 304141.

You can find a list of licensed drivers on our licensing register website.

Hackney carriage table of fares

Made by virtue of Section 23 of the Plymouth City Council Act 1975

The driver must not refuse, without reasonable excuse, to take a hirer or would be hirer to any place within the licensing district, Section 53, Town and Police Clauses Act 1847.

Applies to all journeys within the City boundary, and to journeys outside the City boundary unless agreed otherwise between driver and hirer, prior to the hiring being commenced. The fares detailed are the maximum fares that may be charged. Hirings may be undertaken without the use of the meter where there is a prior contract with a public authority or for a period in excess of one hour. No other charges may be made.

Tariff one

Applies Monday to Saturday from 6am to 7pm

  • £3.60 for any distance up to one-seventh of a mile
  • 30p for each subsequent one-seventh of a mile or part thereof
  • 30p for each completed period of 90 seconds

Tariff two

Applies Monday to Saturday from 7pm to 6am, and Sundays/Bank Holidays from 6am to 6am the following day.

  • £4.20 for any distance up to one-eighth of a mile
  • 30p for each subsequent one-eighth of a mile or part thereof
  • 30p for each completed period of 60 seconds

Tariff three

Applies from 7pm Christmas Eve to 6am 27 December and from 7pm 31 December to 6am 1 January.

  • £7.20 for any distance up to one-seventh of a mile
  • 60p for each subsequent one-seventh of a mile or part thereof
  • 60p for each completed period of 90 seconds

Extra charges

One-off charges per journey

  • 20p for each additional passenger after the second (accompanied children under the age of 3 are not charged, two children between 3 & 12 to be charged as one)
  • 50p for entrance to MOD establishments, booking fee, or from Plymouth Railway Station (subject to permit)
  • 50p for each uncaged animal except guide, hearing or other assistance dogs
  • 50p in the event of extra public holidays being announced within the life of this tariff, the tariff stands with an additional charge to be added to the meter for each hiring on the new public holiday
  • 10p for fuel to be added to each hiring if and when fuel oil is at £1.70 per litre at Home Park Service Station (Outland Road) with a further 10p for each subsequent increase of 10p per litre
  • Up to £100 for any soiling of the vehicle, inside or out
  • Toll charges at current rate for return journey

Effective from Date: 19 September 2022


Ranks operate for 24 hours unless otherwise stated.

City Centre Ranks

  • Guildhall (car park)
  • Royal Parade (Theatre Royal)
  • Royal Parade (Brass Monkey): Midnight to 6am
  • Raleigh Street
  • Cornwall Street West (rank 1)
  • Cornwall Street West (rank 2): 6pm to 6am
  • Mayflower Street (Karma)
  • Mayflower Street (Iceland)
  • Mill Street (Good Companions)
  • Charles Street
  • Old Town Street
  • Exeter Street
  • Bretonside
  • Whimple Street
  • Princess Street: 10pm to 9am
  • Finewell Street
  • The Parade (rank 1)
  • The Parade (rank 2): 9pm to 6am
  • Madeira Road (Junction Hoe Road)
  • Derry’s Cross (Reel cinema)
  • Derry’s Cross (Pizza Express)
  • Union Street (Walkabout - South side): 11.30pm to 5.30am
  • Union Street (Kularoos - North side): 11.30pm to 5.30am
  • Martin Street: 9pm to 6am
  • The Octagon
  • Western Approach: Midnight to 6am
  • Union Street (Dance Academy): 8pm to 6am
  • Tavistock Place: 6pm to 6am
  • Derry’s Cross (Dial a Ride): 6pm to 6am
  • Armada Way
  • The Barbican (Tourist Information Centre): 6pm to 6am

Suburban Ranks

  • Admirals Hard (Cremyll ferry)
  • Albert Road (Dockyard)
  • Cross Park Road
  • Ferry Road (Torpoint ferry)
  • Saltash Road
  • Wolseley Road
  • St Levan Road
  • Church Street
  • Ham Drive
  • Ridgeway (Post Office Pub)
  • Ridgeway (Joshua Reynolds Pub)
  • Derriford Hospital
  • Mutley Plain 1 (top end taxi shelter)
  • Mutley Plain 2 (middle bus lay-by): 8pm to 6am
  • Mutley Plain 3 (Mutley Crown): 8pm to 6am
  • Houndiscombe Road
  • Plymouth Train Station (permits only)
  • Drake Circus (University): Midnight to 6am
  • North Hill (Sherwell Arcade): 6pm to 6am
  • Madden Road
  • Plymstock Broadway car park
  • Barbican Approach Road: 11pm to 5am

Advertised Amendments to Taxi Ranks

Disabled access

All hackney carriages can take a standard wheelchair and many private hire operators have accessible vehicles. Drivers will do their best to help disabled passengers but some won't be able to help due to medical conditions.

Make a complaint

If you wish report an issue about a taxi or private hire driver/vehicle please complete our make a complaint about a driver, vehicle or operator online form.