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Warm, welcoming spaces

If you’re looking for a warm, safe space to spend time in as the weather gets colder, many of the organisations, charities and libraries in Plymouth will be happy to welcome you in.  

All of these spaces will have a place to sit comfortably. Many of them also offer free Wi-Fi, including all our libraries.  

You can see each of Plymouth’s warm, welcoming spaces on the map below. We’ll be updating this map as more venues come on board. 

Select a venue to find out more, including opening hours, accessibility information and any other extra activities on offer.  

If your business or organisation is happy to open its doors to be a warm, welcoming space in Plymouth this winter then please complete our form and you’ll be added to the map.  

Warm spaces map

The warm spaces map is hosted on Google Maps. If you cannot see the map, choose the option Always for to allow the map to display.