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Winter gritting

We grit the roads in icy and snowy weather to keep them clear. As it's not possible to grit all roads in Plymouth, we grit the main routes used for getting around the city.

Gritting routes and bins

We grit the most important routes first (except the A38 which is managed by Highways England) before we grit other roads and we don't usually grit pavements.

Primary Gritting Routes

View grit bins

Grit bin refill

We inspect and fill all bins at the beginning of the winter period. The grit is supplied for residents to use on roads and footpaths. It is not for the use of residents to treat their own private drives. If you notice that a grit bin requires a refill, please tell us. When conditions are particularly icy, it can be difficult for the maintenance vehicles to get to some grit bin locations. We may have to wait until the ice melts before those bins can be refilled.