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Street names and numbers

We are responsible for naming and numbering all streets in Plymouth and for putting up and looking after street name signs.

Apply for a street name or property number

You need to apply for a property number or street name if you:

  • have built a new house or converted an existing property into flats
  • are a developer building new properties (including commercial properties) on an existing street or on a new site

If a development includes new streets, we need to name them using our street naming and numbering process. If you need us to we can suggest some names to you. The ward councillors also need to approve the new names.

Fees for Street Naming and Numbering

Task Fee
Street naming £206
Street renaming £513
Property numbering (for each property including flats) £147
Property renumbering £147
Copy renumbering certificate (per copy) £70


Royal Mail allocates postcodes to new properties once we've let them know about a new or amended address.

Contact Royal Mail with any queries about postcodes.