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Computers, printers and wifi

We have computers, printers, scanners and wifi in all our libraries.


Our library computers are free to use for library members. If you're not a member, you'll need to join a library to get a card and PIN.

If you're visiting the city and need to use a computer speak to a member of library staff. There is a charge for visitors to use computers in libraries.

If you need to book a computer in advance contact your local library.

There is a limit for how long you can use our computers:

  • aged 15 or over - up to 2 hours a day
  • aged 14 or under - up to 1 hour a day

The computers will log out 10 minutes before the library closes. 

Library computers acceptable use policy

If you use a public computer, you must follow this Acceptable Use Policy.

What services are available?

We provide access to the World Wide Web, a range of audio, video and other plug-ins, and standard Microsoft Office software. We do not provide access to all Internet-based services, such as Skype.

Who can use the service?

Everyone. If you are visiting Plymouth we will give you temporary membership.

How much does it cost?

If you are a visitor to Plymouth there is a small charge, but otherwise we do not charge for the service.

We do charge for printing.

Please remember that all printing is subject to UK copyright law.

How long can I use the computers?

If you are aged fifteen or over you can have up to two hours a day.

If you are aged fourteen or under you can have up to one hour a day.

Can I book a computer in advance?

Yes. You can book most of our computers up to a week in advance.

Do you filter websites?

Yes. Our Internet connection is filtered to reduce the risk of your finding sites which are not appropriate in a public library. These include an ‘intolerance’ filter which restricts access to sites which promote the more extreme views which adherents feel are part of their faith or belief. These sites express extreme negative views, including what the subject would regard as ‘hate’, about other equalities groups.

No filtering system can offer a complete guarantee of safety.

If you think a legitimate site has been filtered, or an inappropriate site should be filtered, please let a member of staff know or email

Can I save my files on the computers?

Yes. You can save files on your computer while you are using it. At the end of your session all you files will be deleted and irrecoverable. You can also save files to USB memory sticks (flash drives) using the USB connections on the monitor, or save your files to an online service.

What about privacy?

At the end of every session the computer will turn itself off and on again automatically. This resets all changes you have made and deletes any files you have created.

Where we are concerned that you might be breaking this acceptable use policy, we may monitor the websites you visit. Our management system records every time you use a computer, and what software you use. We will not share these details with anyone unless required to by law. E.g. to prevent or detect crime.

What are users responsible for?

You must have your own library card and PIN to use library computers. You must not borrow someone else’s card and PIN or share yours with them.

You must not do any of the following on library computers. If you do, we will stop you using them:

  • Carry out any illegal activities
  • View or distribute illegal material, including computer viruses
  • Damage or modify the computer, its software or the network
  • View images likely to disturb or cause offence to other users
  • Use the service when you have overdue items or outstanding charges

If we think that you may have committed a criminal act we will refer the incident to the police and will provide the police with details of your use.

If you use a credit or debit card or carry out any online financial transaction, you do so at your own risk.

What is the library responsible for?

Plymouth City Council has no control over the information provided on the Internet and cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, validity, legality or quality of the information you find there.

Plymouth City Council is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury sustained as a result of using the People’s Network services, including any loss resulting from sending confidential information via the Internet or using file storage media such as USB memory sticks.

Printers and scanners

Printers and scanners are available in all libraries. There is a charge for printing.


Free wifi is available in all our libraries:

To connect to the wifi you will need to create a GovWifi account.