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Volunteer in a library

We have a range of volunteering opportunities in libraries across the city.

Work club volunteer

Job or work clubs operate across the city at a range of venues. The library service is a partner in several job clubs which take place in libraries.

As a work club volunteer you'll help customers:

  • with basic PC use
  • create an email address
  • use Universal Job Match
  • create CVs
  • with job application

Summer Reading Challenge volunteer

The Summer Reading Challenge is a UK-wide programme which aims to keep children reading during the summer break.

Research has shown that children who take part in the Summer Reading Challenge keep up their reading skills much more than those who don't.

As a Summer Reading Challenge volunteer you will:

  • help prepare the Summer Reading Challenge
  • help promote the Summer Reading Challenge in local schools and elsewhere
  • listen to children telling you about the books they've read
  • hand out rewards to children at appropriate stages of the Summer Reading Challenge
  • encourage children to complete the Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge runs between July and September every year at all Plymouth libraries. You'll need to commit at least 6 hours over the course of those months.

Home library service volunteer

There are hundreds of people in Plymouth who love reading but can't visit a library.

The home library service enables people to continue to access the library by taking books to them in their own home.

As a home library service volunteer you'll:

  • deliver books and audiobooks to customers who can't access the library service, whether they live independently or in a care home
  • keep accurate records of your car mileage (you'll receive a monthly payment for using your car)
  • work with other services that support older and disabled people in the city to develop strong communities for citizens across the city

Visitor survey helper

We want to know more about why people use libraries (or don't use them), about what they like and don't like and what they would like to improve.

As a visitor survey helper you'll:

  • help with twice yearly count of library visitors
  • help with surveys

Family history buddy

Family history is a popular hobby for many people.

As a family history buddy you'll:

  • help people starting out on their family history for the first time on a one-to-one basis
  • show people websites, microfilm and printed resources and help them to use them
  • understand the importance of keeping accurate records
  • be empathetic when people hit a brick wall or discover something unusual or disturbing

How to apply