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Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan 2021

This second plan sets out the actions the City Council will undertake in 2021 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations. It builds on last year's plan, with clear, specific and measurable actions.

The City Council is increasingly determined to have a positive effect on the environment and to avoid any unintended consequences through its actions. This plan presents the Council's approach and also, how it will lead the way on tackling carbon emissions by:

  • Getting its own house in order by reducing the emissions from its estate and operations to work towards net zero emissions by 2030.
  • Using its influence and role as a community leader to work with partners, businesses and communities to tackle climate change through a common framework for action.
  • Revising and updating this plan each year until 2030.

What can you do to help?

Technological advances, behaviour changes, societal norms and our understanding of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions will change between now and 2030. An annual review of the City Council's emissions and future projections will therefore be undertaken to ensure the plan remains up to date and fit for purpose.

For the City Council, this document sets out the corporate commitments to the journey to zero emission by 2030. The City Council, Cabinet and the Senior Leadership Team fully support and endorse the plan.

Behavioural change is at the forefront of achieving zero emissions. All decisions of council officers and councillors will influence energy consumption to some degree. This plan seeks to raise awareness at every level, as together we can make a difference. What you do, what you decide and approve, can and will influence energy consumption.

We will continue to work with the City Council's Green Champions to develop further actions to address climate change. If you think there is more you can do to help please contact us at