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Emissions from heating and powering the City Council's buildings (excluding schools) account for over half of the overall emissions from the Council's operations. If the Council is to achieve net zero emissions, a concerted effort is required to both reduce energy consumption through improved energy efficiency measures and to increase the amount of renewable energy generation.

The proposed actions on City Council buildings for 2021 are:

2.1.1 - Increase by 125% the City Council’s PV (solar photovoltaic) provision by commissioning 720kW of new capacity.

2.1.2 -Implement an LED lighting and controls replacement programme for the Plymouth Life Centre, Council House, Ballard House, Chelson Meadow, Prince Rock and four car parks (Western Approach, Mayflower East,Theatre Royal and Mutley).

2.1.3 -Provide every new commercial tenant with a Sustainable Occupancy Pack to encourage action on carbon reduction initiatives.

2.1.4 -Develop a business case and multi-million pound funding bid for a district heating system for the Guildhall, Council House and Midland House, utilising low carbon heat pump technology and a low carbon heat pump solution at Ballard House.