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This second action plan seeks to go beyond the 'hard' initiatives and challenges described above and tackle carbon emissions by other means, namely by changing our governance, behaviours, engagement activities and the way we invest. Whilst emissions from these are less measurable, the way people tackle these will be fundamental.

Actions undertaken in 2020 have influenced decisions that have led to reductions in carbon emissions. The new actions for 2021 seek to tackle specific challenges faced.

2.9.1 - Initiate a new procedure that requires City Council Officers to consider Climate Emergency implications for all procurement activity where possible, including additional sign off procedures where Climate Emergency outcomes are not included in the procurement.

2.9.2 - Set minimum environmental social value targets for all City Council procurement decisions, where appropriate.

2.9.3 - Benchmark the City Council's staff pension performance against those of other authorities in terms of its investments in carbon intensive industries, and compare the performance of these carbon intensive investments to its other investments.