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Customer Service Strategy

Our Customer Service Strategy presents three clear aims:

1. To improve the way we understand our customers

2. To better serve our customers

3. To listen and respond better to our customers

Building on delivery against the three aims the Strategy sets out the direction and actions to achieve the goal of improving:

  • The way the Council serves its customers
  • The way customers can interact with the Council
  • The customer experience for those interacting with the Council
  • Job satisfaction for staff enabling and empowering them to provide excellent customer service
  • Service efficiencies

All change within the Customer Service Strategy is supported by the following five themes:

  1. Accessibility: Locations and times which meet our customers' needs
  2. Relevant: Services that are fit for purpose, joined up and minimise potential barriers
  3. Inclusive: All customers are treated equally and fairly and customer feedback is acted upon
  4. Quality and Efficiency: Reliable, flexible and responsive services which are continuously improved and delivered cost effectively

  5. Empowered and Effective Staff: Ensuring our workforce that has the appropriate skills, tools, and authority to effectively deliver quality services.

Read the full strategy below:

Customer Service Strategy

Feedback and complaints

We have a feedback and complaints section where you can tell us how we're doing.