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Digital Inclusion Network

Almost 21,000 people in Plymouth do not regularly use the internet (ONS, 2019).  People who are offline miss out on the benefits the internet can provide, from keeping in touch with family and friends, to saving money and finding work.

Plymouth City Council is leading an alliance of groups and organisations to form a Digital Inclusion Network that will bring together expertise and resources from across the city to help engage and support those who are digitally excluded. Aiming to reduce digital exclusion in the city, the network will train and increase the number of volunteer digital champions alongside offering support and opportunities to increase access to devices, training and connectivity.

See the Digital Inclusion Network members and find out how to join

Already the network is starting to make a difference: 

Devices Dot Now supplied 20 devices which have been given out through organisations including On Course South West, Open Doors Learning Foundation and Trevi House.

The network helped Plymouth Soup Run source mobile phones for rough sleepers to help them stay in touch with health professionals and the Rough Sleeper Team.

Improve your Digital Skills with On Course South West

Do you struggle to use online tools, fill in digital forms or worry about staying safe online? 

Many people are keen to improve their basic digital skills so that they can access important online resources and use their devices with confidence. On Course South West can help: the free Essential Digital Skills programme will help you use devices in new ways, from creating and editing documents to communicating by email or with virtual tools like Zoom. Gain the confidence to handle and share information and to use online resources like healthcare or financial services, safely.

If you or someone you know would benefit from building your digital skills, call On Course South West on 01752 660713.