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Free public Wi-Fi

You'll find free Wi-Fi in all our libraries and points around the city centre.

Plymouth's free Wi-Fi service, delivered in partnership with BT Wi-Fi, provides an outdoor Internet connection in public places across Plymouth city centre, The Hoe and the Barbican. The service is designed to be safe and family friendly in accordance with accepted standards for public Wi-Fi with inappropriate content automatically blocked. 

Getting started

  1. Connect to the Plymouth free Wi-Fi signal (PlymouthWiFi) in the list of available networks on your device
  2. Open your web browser to see the hotspot login page
  3. Click on 'get online'
  4. You'll be taken to a Plymouth City Council landing page with suggested links
  5. Once you've reached the landing page view your device will be connected and you'll be able to access the web using the Wi-Fi network.

Important advice to stay safe online

  • Avoid conducting any financial transactions or providing any personal details while using this or any other public Wi-Fi network
  • Always use https sites if you're passing any user credentials or private information or conducting any financial transactions.
  • Be aware of who's around you and may be watching what you're doing online.
  • Make sure that you've switched off any shared access to documents on your device.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of the operating system (OS) relevant to your computer, laptop or device.
  • Make sure your firewall, virus guard and browser are all up to date.
  • Use a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) if connecting to a corporate network.
  • Make sure your device is password or pin protected.

Problems connecting to Plymouth's free Wi-Fi

If you have any problems with the Wi-Fi network the BT Wi-Fi helpdesk is open 24 hours a day, every day. It's UK based and the team has lots of experience in helping customers to use BT's public Wi-Fi services.

  • 0800 022 33 22 (free call from a landline)
  • 0330 123 3000 (free call from a mobile)
  • Contact BT Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi speeds

The speed you get will depend on a number of factors including how close you are to the Wi-Fi transmitter and the number of other users using the service. In busy crowds it is likely, as with any Wi-Fi network, that the network will slow down.