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Education for armed forces community

The Covenant set the following goals for education:

  • Armed forces children should have the same standard of, and access to, education (including early years services) as any other citizen in the area where they live.
  • there should be special arrangements to support access to schools if a place is required part way through an academic year as a result of a family having to move for service reasons.

School admissions

We understand that service families may find it difficult when applying for a school place. This is because they are:

  • more likely to need to apply outside the normal admissions round when schools may already be full or
  • unable to provide a specific address ahead of a posting in good time for the relevant admissions processes

The school admissions team can help.

Phone: 01752 307469 (line open 11am to 3pm)

Email details

Reception/Foundation Admissions (starting in Reception or Foundation of an infant or primary school)

Junior Admissions (transferring at the end of year 2 in an infant or primary school to start in year 3 of a junior school)

Secondary admissions (transferring at the end of year 6 in a primary school to start in year 7 of a secondary school)

Key Stage 4 admissions (KS4) (transferring at either the end of year 8 of a secondary school to start year 9 at a University Technical College (UTC) or Studio School or the end of year 9 of a secondary school to start year 10 at a UTC or Studio School

In-year admissions (transferring to an infant, junior, primary, secondary or KS4 school at any point other than at the normal points of transfer)

Service Pupil Premium funding (SPP)

This is extra funding schools receive for children from armed forces families. The government has worked with schools to look at the best use of this funding.

Schools have to publish information setting out their Pupil Premium strategy. They may also show how the SPP was spent in the previous academic year, and what impact this had on eligible pupils. Please contact schools for specific information on how they use SPP funding.

Other sources of information

The Ministry of Defence’s Children’s Education Advisory Service

Youth participation team