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We do not tolerate any level of fraud, corruption or bribery. We commit to preventing, identifying and pursuing people who attempt to commit fraud.

Devon Audit Partnership works on behalf of Plymouth City Council. If you think someone is committing fraud against the Council, tell us.


Phone: 01752 304450

Write to us: Devon Audit Partnership, Ballard House, West Hoe Road, Plymouth, PL1 3LS

Common types of fraud:

  • dishonestly claiming Council Tax Support or a Single Persons Discount
  • using another’s Blue Badge or Concessionary Travel Pass
  • providing false information to make a claim against the Council
  • dishonestly obtaining payments from Social Services.

Social housing fraud

Social housing fraud or ‘tenancy fraud’ is the use of social housing by someone not entitled to be in that home. This includes providing false information to Devon Home Choice. Plymouth doesn't have enough social housing to meet the need of people who need it.

Common types of fraud are:

  • unauthorised subletting
  • using false information to gain a tenancy
  • wrongly claimed succession
  • key selling.

Report benefit fraud

If you know someone who is claiming a benefit they are not entitled to, report it.

National Benefit Fraud Hotline: 0800 854 440
Write to them: National Benefit Fraud Hotline, Mail Handling Site A, Wolverhampton, WV98 2BP

Some of the common types of benefit fraud:

  • not declaring work or under reporting hours worked or earnings.
  • living with a partner whilst claiming to be living alone
  • dishonestly claiming disability benefits
  • dishonestly claiming a carers benefit.