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Get rid of pests in your home

Pests can be a nuisance, damage your home and can affect your health. If you have pests in your home you can arrange a pest control visit.

Our team are professional, experienced and fully qualified. See why you should choose us.

You'll need to  pay for us to get rid of the pests before we can start any treatment.


Information about our fees is on our pest control fees page.


Bees should not be killed and nests should be left undisturbed if possible. If a nest is very high risk (in a home, school, hospital or near those allergic to bee stings), the nest can be removed and relocated by a professional bee keeper. We only treat a bees nest or colony as the last resort if it is considered a serious threat to people and with honey bees only after contacting a qualified bee keeper.

More information about bees is available on The British Beekeepers Association website.

Make an appointment

Call us on 01752 304147 or email to make an appointment. We'll take payment by credit or debit card when you call.

Cancel a treatment

If you want to cancel a treatment, complete and return the cancellation form below.