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Why are rats a pest?

They pose significant health risk to humans and pets and carry diseases including salmonella, Weil's disease, E.coli, cryptosporidiosis and tuberculosis. Rats also carry fleas, mites and ticks and can cause acute allergic reactions.

It is extremely serious if rats get into your home, even if they are not in a living area. Any rat problem inside the home must be treated urgently.

Rats in the garden and other outside areas are also high risk, particularly in areas used by children or pets. It is important to get rid of rats in the garden to reduce the risk of them entering your home, searching for food and shelter.

Rats also carry a social stigma and cause fear and distress. They can cause damage from gnawing structures and electrical cables.

Where are they found?

Anywhere from sewers and substandard buildings to people's houses, inside lofts, wall cavities, cellars and under floorboards. Outside they are found in overgrown gardens, compost heaps and under sheds.

Rats follow the same routes when searching for food and water. They leave footprints and smear marks. Burrows may be seen in gardens and their gnaw marks can be see on buildings and furniture.

Rats breed several times a year and with an average of eight young per litter, a colony can grow very quickly, especially if there is food and water nearby

How to prevent an infestation

  • Keep your house in a good condition and structurally sound
  • Repair broken drains and pipework
  • Keep gardens cut back and remove excess vegetation
  • Ensure all bins have a tight fitting lid
  • Minimise feeding of wild birds in your garden and clean up spilt food
  • if you have a rat problem from a neighbouring property, you can report it using the form below

What we do

Our pest control officers will be able to locate the source of the problem and treat it, using methods that will ensure the safety of the public and minimise damage to the environment.

We will:

  • treat rats found in private homes
  • treat rats for private and social landlords
  • treat rats in commercial businesses


See our pest control fees page for details.

We ask for payment at the time of booking and accept debit or credit cards. Call us on 01752 304147 or email

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