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Art comes in many different forms and here in Plymouth we’ve seen an explosion of street art, thanks to the amazing work of artists who are part of Plymouth Artists Together.

Works are being exhibited in the streets and continue to develop -  in terms of size, style, and sheer skill. Check out the murals in Stonehouse, the North Cross Roundabout underpass or Astor Park (another of our legal sites).

Plymouth wants to support this skill in a positive and legal way.

We are launching a new legal site at Richmond Walk below Stonehouse Bridge, in the hope of trying to reduce tagging and unsightly illegal graffiti and to offer a space for artists to create.

Check out these sites:

Graffiti and the Law

Graffiti can be considered an act of criminal damage and can lead to a fine or a prison sentence.

The Council can issue on the spot fines of £150 to anyone caught putting graffiti on public property.

Shopkeepers are not allowed to sell spray cans to anyone under 16 years. 

Graffiti code of conduct

Innovation - Be creative. Beautiful design does not go unnoticed. Engage in a conversation with the city through creative interactions

Respect boundaries - Only specific walls and areas are legal spaces. Do not paint on the surroundings.

Deliver quality - Invest some time in your piece of art. The better the quality the longer it will stay up. Positive use of legal sites will encourage others to follow your example.

Be friendly - Be friendly to writers, artists and visitors.

Keep it clean - Keep Plymouth clean and tidy. Take away your rubbish and empty cans.

No Tagging - Tagging is a form of graffiti which often carries the biggest stigma and will often be seen as anti-social by most communities. Tagging can be considered offensive to other artists and the wider community.

Consideration - Although art is subjective the act of covering quality pieces can be considered disrespectful.

Respect - Respect artists when they are at work. Respect visitors when they are viewing your art.

No offence - Be considerate to others, don’t be abusive or discriminate, and don’t use offensive images or messages.

Prevent your property from being targeted

  • install lighting
  • install security cameras
  • use anti-graffiti laminate coatings
  • join or form a local Watch Group