Computers and Wi-Fi

Anyone can use the computers in our libraries and it's free for library members.

To book a PC in advance you'll need your library card and PIN. Contact your local library, email or phone 01752 305900.

If you're not a member, you'll need to join a library to get a card and PIN. If you're just visiting the city and need to use a computer you can log on using a visitor's ticket.

The following charges will apply for visitors:

  • 15 minutes and two prints - £1.15
  • 30 minutes and five prints - £2.30
  • 60 minutes and five prints - £3.40
  • 120 minutes and five prints - £5.65

Amount of time you can use the computers:

  • Aged 15 or over - up to two hours a day
  • Aged 14 or under - up to one hour a day

Printers and scanners are available in all libraries.

We also run weekly drop in sessions, aimed at beginners and we can help with the basics including browsing the web and email.

 Library computers acceptable use policy [PDF, 105KB]


Free Wi-Fi is available in the following libraries:

Log on with your library card number and PIN. If you're a visitor, library staff can log on for you.