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Make a complaint about a school

Schools in Plymouth are independently managed and governed so you'll need to ask your child's school about their own complaints procedure or find it on their website. This procedure will tell you how to make a complaint and how your complaint will be handled. Most complaints are resolved by talking to the class teacher or headteacher but your child's school should also be able to tell you about the other stages you can follow if this doesn't work.

We don't have a role in general complaints about schools unless a school's complaints procedure says so. If the school's procedure does say that we've a role and you've completed all the stages of this procedure we can check the school is following it.

We won't re-investigate your complaint or direct the school to take a particular course of action but we can provide advice. However if the school has acted within the law, they don't have to accept this advice.

Email or call 01752 307355 for further advice.