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Volunteer to be a school governor

If you're interested in supporting and improving children's education, consider becoming a school governor. You don't need to be a parent or have any formal qualifications. You just need an interest in education, a willingness to contribute to a team and time. You need to commit to visiting your school at least 3 times per year during school hours whilst also committing to your own learning about education.

As a governor, you will work as a volunteer as part of a board of governors who are responsible for making sure the school provides good quality education or reporting to a Trust Board.

Governing body

A board of governors normally include parents, staff and co-opted governors. Church schools have foundation governors. In maintained schools there's also a space for a Local Authority governor.

Governing bodies are responsible for:

  • the performance of the school
  • planning for the school's future
  • selecting the headteacher
  • making decisions on the school's budget and staffing
  • enforcing the national curriculum
  • encouraging pupil development
  • making sure that the school provides for all pupils (including those with special needs)

Local governing bodies as part of multi-academy trusts have different responsibilities delegated by a Trust Board.

You'll have to visit the school during the day and attend regular meetings. You may want to attend some school events but most meetings are in the early evening.

The work is rewarding and you may find the experience and the skills you learn are helpful in your everyday or working life.

How to find out more or apply

Find out more through Inspiring Governance.

Apply online or contact the school.