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Plymouth - Our menu and prices

Introducing our new menu for October 2022 to March 2023

From time to time your school may still a need to offer a hot packed lunch choice in line with the main school menu that can be eaten away from the main dining room space, and we are working with schools on new ways of delivering school lunches.

You should check communications from your school regarding the offer in your child’s school.

Autumn - Winter menu 2022 2023

There could be slightly different versions of the main menu on offer in various schools so please contact us for the most up-to-date details on all allergens present in the menu at 

To get you the information swiftly please add in the name of the school that your child attends in the email.

All our units have the most up to date allergen details to work with and we can help you with all allergen enquiries so that you can choose the right meals for your child. For an individual appointment to talk through the menu please contact us at adding in the school that your child attends.

Brook Green centre for learning

School lunches will be available for FSM (Free School Meals) eligible pupils attending school, pupils in Foundation and Year 1 who are entitled to UIFSM (Universal Infant Free School Meals) and all other pupils who pay for lunches.

For information on eligibility for free school meals in Plymouth and how to apply please visit our free school meal page.

At All Saints Academy Plymouth, the menu will be updated regularly, pupils can obtain the daily choices from the school.

If you have any questions about the menu choices or allergens, please telephone your child’s school and ask to speak with Catering Manager or contact us at


The current price for a school lunch is listed on the individual menus.

Infant, junior, primary, and special schools: £2.40 – the price includes a main course, dessert, and drink

Secondary Special School: £2.45 – price includes a main course, dessert, and drink

Secondary schools and academies: £2.70 - the price includes a main course and dessert (the meal of the day) which meets the food-based and nutrient-based standards

To avoid disadvantaging or discriminating against any pupil or student, the available free school meal (for those registered as eligible) and the paid meal (the meal of the day) should both be available at the same value.

A cafeteria style service is operated in secondary schools so parents/carers and students should consider that if items are selected other than the meal of the day then the total cost of the selected meal could be different to the meal of the day price.