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District Energy

What is District Energy?

To play our part in the action against climate change, Plymouth has committed to becoming a carbon neutral city. The development of our District Energy Network will be the key to achieving this goal by providing local businesses and housing with heat and power from more sustainable sources.

Heat Networks or District Energy Networks can deliver carbon, energy and cost savings for both existing buildings (often 'hard to treat') and new buildings.

District energy involves local energy generation and is efficient because it links complementary heat, cooling or power needs through a network of pipes.

The energy used can come from multiple sources and includes use of existing waste heat, renewable sources (for example, water source or ground source heat pumps, solar or biomass). Different energy sources can also be utilised over time on the same network.​

Where in Plymouth?

A City-Wide Strategy for District Energy was produced in 2017 and identifies District Energy Opportunity Areas, where this should form a key part of new development proposals.

If you have a proposed development within the heat priority area below, please contact us for more information on how to connect to our network.

Plymouth District Heating Opportunity Areas map

We've already started installing Plymouth's Heat Network – a new network of underground pipes that will deliver affordable, low-carbon heat and energy across the city. Our Heat Network will eventually cover central Plymouth and other areas across the city, powered by low carbon sources.​

Our City Centre Heat Network

If you have a development within the Low Temperature Building Zone below, then any new buildings will need to be designed around a low temperature heating system wherever possible, in line with the 5th generation network connections packs (links below).

Find out more about connecting to our Heat Network

To provide more information on Plymouth's Heat Network and how to connect, we've produced a series of helpful connection packs for businesses and developers:

For more information please email