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Report an abandoned vehicle

The Council can remove abandoned vehicles if they pose an immediate risk or danger to others.  

Vehicles not presenting an immediate risk to others, but may be without Road Tax or a valid MOT, should be reported to the DVLA and police below:

Check if a vehicle is taxed and has an MOT

Report an untaxed vehicle

Report a vehicle with no valid MOT

Caravans, trailers and/or boats that are not attached to a vehicle must be reported to our Highways Service:

If you suspect a vehicle presents an immediate risk or danger to others please report it to the Council. This form cannot be used to report vehicles without MOT or Road Tax. 

You will need to provide the following information:

  • your contact details (please note that you cannot submit this form anonymously)
  • the make, model and colour of the vehicle
  • the registration number of the vehicle (if the vehicle has a number plate)
  • exact location of the vehicle and the length of time it has been there
  • the condition of the vehicle (eg smashed windows, flat tyres, missing parts)
  • provide images of the vehicle

What happens next

We will undertake an inspection of the vehicle to determine whether the vehicle presents an immediate risk or danger to others. In this case we will:

  • Contact the DVLA to try and find the current owner
  • Attach a notice to the vehicle advising the vehicle must be claimed
  • Remove the vehicle if not claimed within the notice period
  • If the owner comes forward it is not classed as abandoned and we will not be able to remove the vehicle