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At risk of becoming homeless

If you're looking for somewhere to live or are worried about losing your home, talk to us as soon as possible. We can provide help, advice and support to prevent you from becoming homeless.

Phone: 01752 668000

How we can help

We can:

  • help you find a home
  • help you with private rented accommodation by working with you and your landlord to resolve any issues
  • check to see if you're eligible for a deposit guarantee to help you into private rented accommodation
  • check to see if you're eligible for any housing benefits to help pay part or all of your rent
  • help you deal with legal issues if your landlord has applied for a possession order
  • talk to your friends and relatives if they've asked you to leave your accommodation
  • make referrals to supported accommodation
  • give you advice about local support and services if you're sleeping rough

If you are already homeless, contact us as soon as you can.

Organisations that can provide help and advice