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Sir Joshua Reynolds resources

This page includes a number of useful resources that can be downloaded free of charge. They are from the major exhibition of Reynolds work that took place at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery in 2009.

Text resources

Teachers Notes

Audio resources

View the referenced images of Horace Walpole and David Garrick between Tragedy and Comedy on BBC's Your Paintings website.

Reynolds and childhood

View the referenced images of Richard Eliot and Family and The Age of Innocence on BBC's Your Paintings website.

Other online resources

  • Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery's designated art collection, the Cottonian Collection, has its own website and includes a number of materials relating to Sir Joshua Reynolds. Why not take a look at the Cottonian Collection website or the Cottonian education pages?
  • Plympton St. Maurice - visit this site to find out more about the Plympton St Maurice Civic Association.
  • Royal Academy of Arts - visit this site to discover more about the London arts Institute that Sir Joshua Reynolds helped establish.
  • Humanities Web - a biography about Sir Joshua Reynolds by Katya Gifford which proved extremely useful for developing this mini site!