Football and rugby pitches in and out of play

Coronavirus (Covid-19): Information about Sport and leisure

 Weekend of 9 and 10 January 2021

Sometimes our sports pitches are 'Out of Action' over a weekend due to bad weather. We update this page every Thursday during the playing season and indicate which pitches are playable below.  All pitches are 'Out of Action' due to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Football Pitches 

Pitch In Play Out of Action
Tothill Enclosure   x
Tothill   x
Devonport 1   x
Devonport 2   x
Victoria 1   x
Victoria 2   x
Northdown 1   x
Northdown 2   x
Northdown mini   x
Manadon 1   x
Manadon mini 1   x
Manadon mini 2   x
Sheridan 1   x
Knowle Battery 1   x
Knowle Battery 2   x
Knowle Battery 3   x
Estuary Way 1   x
Aylesbury 1   x
Aylesbury 2   x
Staddiscombe 1   x
Staddiscombe 2   x
Staddiscombe 3   x
Staddiscombe 8   x
Staddiscombe 9   x
Staddiscombe 10   x
West Park 1   x
Plympton 1   x
Bond Street 1   x
Bond Street 2   x
Bond Street 3   x
Central Park Hub   x

Rugby Pitches

Pitch In Play Out of Action
Central Park   x
Stonehouse 1


Stonehouse 2   x
Stonehouse 3   x
King George V 1   x
King George V 2   x
King George V 3   x
Plympton   x