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Orienteering is a sport where you navigate between specific numbered/lettered posts (controls). These controls are identified on a specially drawn coloured map with detailed information.

It's a great way to explore your local terrain and have an adventure using maps! It doesn't matter how young, old or fit you are. You can run, jog or walk - whatever pace suits you!

Orienteering courses

There are several permanent orienteering courses within green spaces in Plymouth boundaries. Otherwise why not use your local park or green space to create a temporary orienteering course. You'll need permission for any larger scale event with 30+ participants. Email for more information.

Central Park

There are six courses in Central Park, for a range of abilities and includes a course that is accessible for wheelchairs and buggies.

Alternatively you can make up your own course from the control points around the park using the 'all controls' map below.

Maps are available below and for more information visit the Go Orienteering website.

Easy course - White

Longer course - Red

Woodland Wood

Woodland Wood has introductory and intermediate courses, with controls in place.