Boundary stone trails

These two boundary stone trails will help you to begin to discover some of the many different types of marker posts in Plymouth.

Victoria Park and Environs trail

This trail focuses on three towns of Plymouth, Devonport and East Stonehouse boundary stones, with ten stones to be found within the safety of the park itself. It also offers short extended trails to Union Street and Pennycomequick.

 Victoria Park and Environs trail [PDF, 246KB]

Plymouth Hoe and Environs trail

This trail is mostly about discovering military markers. It circumnavigates the Hoe, but if you don't have the time to walk it all, you can just look for a few.

 Plymouth Hoe and Environs trail [PDF, 110KB]

Please take care when looking for boundary stones on and near the public highway. Beware of cars, bicycles and other footpath users.