Way-markers and milestones

Although such stones can be found nationwide, the wording on every way-marker, milestone or mile post is unique to its location. Just one surviving stone way-marker has been recorded in the city. However, the routes of major roads that were improved as turnpikes and toll roads were also generally marked by milestones or mile posts; located at one mile intervals. Both Plymouth and Devonport were connected by such roads; seemingly Stonehouse, a smaller adjoining town, was not given destination status.

Milestones were also placed on other transport routes, including early and industrial tramways like the Plymouth and Dartmoor Railway. View the records catalogued to date:

Some trackways and the earliest railway across Dartmoor also had mileposts. Although all of these are now located outside of the city boundary, we will include those that have Plymouth as a destination in our catalogue.

For other sources of information about milestones and way-markers visit The Milestone Society website.