Dog control

Dog control orders

Dog control orders are in place to enforce responsible dog ownership. The order specifies four offences:

  • Failing to remove dog dirt
  • Not keeping a dog on a lead where this is required
  • Not keeping a dog on a lead when ordered to do so by an authorised officer
  • Allowing a dog to enter land which they are excluded from

Dog walkers should always clean up their dogs mess. When walking your dog, always carry a plastic bag. Put the wrapped waste in a dog waste bin, a litter bin or your home waste bin. Let us know if you see someone who doesn't clear up their dog's mess.

Report dog fouling

Areas where your dog must kept on a lead

Download Houndiscombe Park [PDF, 280KB]

Download Moor View Park [PDF, 247KB]

Download Pounds House [PDF, 79KB]

Download Stoke Damerel Park [PDF, 512KB]

Download Thorn Park [PDF, 569KB]

Download West Hoe Park [PDF, 69KB]

Dog attacks

Dog attacks can be very distressing. If a dog has attacked somebody, or puts a person in genuine fear for their safety, this should be reported to the police on 101.

Where an incident involves an attack on another animal, which has caused serious injury, this should be reported to us.

Report a dog attack

Please be aware that if you don't know who owns the aggressive dog, your report will be used for information only, unless it can be linked to other incidents involving the same dog.

If you do know the dog owner, and the incident is considered serious, this will be investigated, and further action may be taken.