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Apply for highways permits and licenses


You can apply to display a banner as Marsh Mills or Pomphlett roundabout for £53.


  • can only be displayed for up to 1 month
  • must be removed afterwards, we will charge an extra £53 if the banner is not removed.
  • must not be any bigger than 6 metres by 1 metre

Registered charities can apply for 1 free banner per year.

Road closures

Temporary road closure or restriction

If you need a temporary restriction or road closure you can apply for a temporary traffic regulation order.

  • We need at least 6 weeks' notice
  • for some closures we need 3 months' notice so that we can advertise diversions.
  • you can close a footway for up to 6 months
  • you can close a carriageway for up to 18 months.
  • applications made with less than 12 weeks' notice will have an extra £200 charge.

Road closures for events

If you need to apply to close a road for an upcoming event on the highway complete a application form.

Category 3 application form

Skip application

If you want to put a skip on a public road you need to apply for a skip permit/licence. You can't put a skip on the pavement. You don't need a licence if you're putting the skip entirely on private land.

You also need a licence for skip bags and hippobags.

You may need to put safety lights and markings on or around the skip, and you could be fined up to £1,000 if you fail to do this.

Scaffolding and hoardings

If you want to put scaffolding or a hoarding on or next to a public road you need to apply for a licence.

You need to use a scaffolding company with traffic signs manual chapter 8 accreditation and £5 million public liability insurance.

An emergency permit, where it poses risk to life or property must be erected within 2 hours of submitting your application. Or a retrospective application submitted 2 hours after the scaffold has been erected.

Tables and chairs

You need to apply for a licence if you want to place tables, chairs or other temporary furniture on the road or pavement.

You don't need a licence if you're putting the tables and chairs entirely on private land. Tables and chairs placed on the public road or pavement without a permit may be removed by the Council.

Tables and chairs - renewal

Tourism sign

Other application forms and guidance

Crane Oversail application

Section 171 application