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Check to see if a school is closed

Teacher strike action

The National Education Union (NEU) is planning industrial action throughout February and March. Only the NEU’s teacher members have currently met the threshold for industrial action, so support staff are not included.

Action will take place both nationally and regionally on different days. Strikes that may affect Plymouth schools are scheduled to take place on Thursday 2 March, Wednesday 15 March and Thursday 16 March.

Not all schools will be affected and those that are will take all reasonable steps to remain open for as many pupils as possible. You should assume that your child’s school will be open as normal and that attendance is expected on those days, unless the school contacts you with details of any disruption.

Check to see if a school is closed due to extreme weather

Decisions concerned with school closures due to extreme weather such as snow,  are made on an individual school basis by the Head Teacher.

Schools will always try and notify parents direct first by either email and/or text, as well as notifying the Council if they have to close for the day.

You should make sure you know your child's school procedures for emergency closures and any arrangements that the school may have for contacting them.