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We're commited to supporting all schools wishing to provide childcare for children - birth to 14 years.

If you are considering expanding, or would like to develop your childcare business, information regarding childcare sufficiency in your area, is available on request. This information can be used to plan and develop your childcare business.

The Early Years and Childare team can help you assess your current business model and support you to improve its sustainability, governance, marketing and flexibility.

Skilled professionals with business qualifications who have experience of managing a childcare business, can provide you with expert advice, tools (bespoke templates and action plans) to help you plan and implement change and support with good business advice and ideas.

This support is available for all managers, trustees, directors, school govenors and committee members.


Eligible schools

  • independent and professional expertise to help you plan and develop your childcare provision
  • tailored support designed to suit your individual requirements
  • specialist advice to improve the sustainability of your childcare provision
  • practical options for expanding and developing your childcare provision in partnership with others
  • knowledge of capital expansion opportunities, vacant buildings and potential planning projects, associated with city wide developments
  • knowledge of funding opportunities
  • knowledge of alternative business options
  • support with nursery transfers and planned closures.

This service is a available to all schools.


Nursery, Infant and Primary: Bespoke support £50 per hour.

In addition

We have a statutory duty to ensure the availability of sufficent childcare for children aged 0 to 14 years. To meet this duty the following support is provided free of charge:

  • general advice and support
  • email and telephone contact regarding basic advice
  • initial support for childcare businesses considering establishing, expansion, adapting, amalgamation or closure
  • general information and business update sessions for all childcare providers at the leaders and managers meetings: relevant for all childcare sectors that include the out of school and holiday club providers
  • inadequate settings will be given an action plan and identified support on request.

Contact us


Telephone: 01752 307450