Early Years Inclusion Service

Our multi- disciplinary portage and advisory service works with pre school children with identified additional needs and or disabilities. We work closely with other early years services to provide a range of targeted and specialist training programmes for all early years practitioners. We believe that this will help promote identification, prevention and interventions for children with additional needs and disabilities.

Accessing our services

Our service can be accessed for children through a request to the Gateway by email at gateway@plymouth.gov.uk or by phoning on 01752 668000.

Plymouth Early Years SEN Inclusion Fund

Portage service

Portage provides an early intervention home learning service for pre-school aged children with additional needs and/or disabilities and their families. The teams are highly skilled, experienced professionals who help parents and children learn together and play together.

Portage is based on three key principles:

  • Child led play
  • Family focused approach
  • Structured teaching

Our trained portage home visitors work in partnership with parents and other professionals to plan realistic goals, using a step-by-step approach for the children, based on their individual needs.

Advisory Teachers Additional Needs (ATANS)

ATANS provide advice to parents and professionals to ensure children with complex disabilities receive a positive experience when they start Nursery. They work directly with children, their parents and setting staff primarily in pre school settings and in the home when required. They also work in partnership with a range of multi agency staff to advise and develop evidence based strategies to enable all children to access learning and play opportunities. When children are due for school ATANS work with parents and professionals to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for children with additional needs and disabilities into the foundation stage of school through the Transition Plus policy.

Enhanced Transition Framework

 Plymouth Framework For Enhanced Transition [PDF, 560KB]

 Transition Action Plan (Handwritten version) [Word, 136KB]

 Transition Action Plan (Electronic version) [Word, 126KB]

 Enhanced Transitions Early Years To School [PDF, 300KB ]

Useful Transition Resources

If you have any other useful resources or links that it would be beneficial to add below, please do not hesitate to email sendsas@plymouth.gov.uk with relevant details.

Early Years

Person Centred Approaches

Early Years AET Training

 AET Tier 2 Good Austim Practice & Extending Good Autism Practice [235KB]

Plymouth Websites

Communication Interaction Team Early Years (CITEY)

What we do…

  • Provide intensive, individualised support within the home and in Early Years settings for children aged 0 – 5 years who have complex social communication needs and Autism Spectrum Conditions
  • Provide parent training around relevant strategies and resources for children with complex social communication needs and Autism Spectrum Conditions.
  • Deliver training for Early Years settings around social communication needs and Autism Spectrum Conditions.
  • Support Early Years settings in developing their capacity to meet the needs of pre-school children who have complex social communication needs and Autism Spectrum conditions.
  • Support the enhanced transitions of pre-school children into Early Years settings and into the school Foundation Stage.

CITEY Parent workshop dates

Please note: This is invite only.

Workshop leaders

Jo Curtis (Specialist support worker CITEY), Andi Witt (Specialist support worker CITEY), Judith Holt (Specialist support worker CITEY), Ellen Wright (Educational Psychologist CITEY), Representative from the Parent partnership service (PP)

Currently there are no future dates for CITEY Parent Workshops.

Step by Step Together Groups

Step by Step Together Groups (term time only) located in Children's Centres in the City. Participating children's centres are listed in the document below.

 Step by step together groups [PDF, 47KB ]

The Step by Step Together groups are a small 'drop in' group for parents who have concerns about their child/children's development. The groups provide a safe place for children to learn to play and learn with their peers. They also provide parents with a support network and introduction to children's centre activities.

Six Step Groups are held in children's centres throughout the city (at least one in each locality) for parents/carers to visit with their children.

Each group is facilitated by a children's centre worker and supported by a specialist portage home visitor and sometimes a volunteer (usually a parent).

The focus of the groups is based on the children having fun. Specialist toys and play activities are available for children at all stages and ages of development from 0 to 4 years.

Advice and support is offered from experienced professionals along with information about services that will help parents help their children.

As it is a 'drop in' group there is no need for a referral, parents can attend any group in the city that suit their needs. The groups are held during term time but some groups are available in the school holidays.

 Sensory play ideas [PDF, 58KB]

Early Steps Together

A weekly drop-in group for babies who have been born prematurely. During the group, families can enjoy a variety of play opportunities and support from professionals including a Health Visitor and member of the Plymouth Portage Team. Held at Green Ark Children's Centre on Friday 1pm to 2.15pm.

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