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Civil emergencies and trauma support

In the aftermath of a major incident many people will be affected. They may be survivors of the incident, relatives of these survivors or relatives of those who die as a result of the incident. They may be affected simply by being involved in the response.

Some of these people will need trauma support in the immediate aftermath of such an incident but in a short time they will have recovered sufficiently to readjust to some sort of normality. Some, however, will need a higher level of trauma support for some time after the incident and a few will continue to need this support over many years.

We provide a range of social and psychological support services in the aftermath of a major incident affecting residents or visitors.

We work closely with voluntary and statutory agencies, so that the services they provide are complementary to those already available.

They offer:

  • Immediate practical support
  • Emotional support
  • Telephone support and incident helpline
  • Friends and relative reception centre support
  • Support to Police Casualty Bureau
  • Temporary mortuary duty
  • Media interest support
  • Other post-incident support to victims and relatives
  • Planning, tracking and reporting
  • Support to social care staff