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Convert a civil partnership into a marriage

You can convert your civil partnership into a marriage by signing a conversion into marriage declaration at Plymouth Register Office. To make an appointment email

What you need to bring

  • Name (birth certificate, passport, deed poll)
  • Date of birth (birth certificate, passport)
  • Address (two pieces of evidence from different sources dated within three months of the appointment date)
  • Civil partnership record (certificate)

Converting with a ceremony

You can convert your civil partnership into a marriage with a ceremony at:

  • Plymouth Register Office
  • An approved venue where same sex marriages are allowed
  • Religious buildings registered for the marriage of same sex couples, this includes naval, military and air force chapels
  • A place where a ceremony according to the Jewish faith or the Society of Friends under Section 46 of the Marriage Act 1949 is to immediately follow the conversion into marriage

You don't need witnesses but your friends and family can attend if you want to celebrate with them. You and your partner must sign the declaration and the superintendent registrar must be in attendance and also sign the declaration.

Documents you'll get

  • A marriage certificate, dated when your civil partnership was formed


Register Office

Register Office Current fee
Civil partnership conversion in at Plymouth Register Office (Standard) £50
Civil partnership conversion, two stage procedure
+ Local Set Fee for Approved Premise or The Council House