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Correct a marriage or civil partnership registration

A correction to a marriage or civil partnership registration can only be made if the information is wrong. The entry can't be corrected to show new information if your circumstances change after the marriage or civil partnership.

Apply for a correction

Further information, application form and cost can be found on GOV.UK.

If you notice a mistake on your marriage/civil partnership certificate and need advice or want to submit a correction application please email

Who can apply for a correction

The bride or groom can apply for a correction.

What you need to bring

You'll need to show that the original information is wrong by producing documents that clearly show what the correct information should be. These documents should be valid or dated around the date of the marriage or civil partnership.

The original information will always be shown in the marriage/civil partnership register.  After the correction has been made, a note will be added to the margin of the register. This will explain what the correct information is and when the correction was made. If you apply for a new marriage/civil partnership certificate, the note containing the correct information will show in the margin.