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The Coroner

Inquest hearings will be held in person at Plymouth HM Coroner's Court. The court will be open to the public, participants and press.

Remote access

Coroners will make judicial decisions about remote access based on the circumstances of each individual case. Individuals can apply for permission, but this may be refused.

If you want to attend any hearings remotely, you must email at least 48 hours before the hearing and include the reason why remote access should be granted.

Coroners are independent judicial officers, meaning no-one else can tell them or direct them as to what to do but they must follow the laws and regulations which apply in England and Wales. They are usually lawyers.

Every coroner must have a deputy so someone is always available to deal with any deaths reported to them. The Senior Coroner in Plymouth is Phillip Spinney.

A death is reported to the coroner if it's sudden or unexpected or if the doctor is unable to issue a certificate. The coroner is responsible for establishing the cause of death and deciding on whether to hold an investigation. In certain circumstances, the coroner may decide a post-mortem of the deceased body is needed.

For more information relating to the Coroner's Service please view the guide to coroner services and coroner investigations on GOV.UK.

Press enquiries

Press enquiries on inquests and openings should be made by submitting a press information request. 

The Coroner's Office

Derriford Business Park, Plymouth, PL6 5QZ. View on Google maps.

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday 7.30am to 12.30pm and 1pm to 3.15pm
Friday 7.30am to 12.30pm and 1pm to 2.45pm



If you need to contact the coroner outside these hours call Devon and Cornwall Police on 101 or email the Coroner Officers at

Office administration opening hours

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

Phone: 01752 204636

Next of kin

Phone: 01752 487402 (you can leave a message)