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Elective Home Education

The home education policy document applies to those children whose parents have elected to educate their children at home (EHE).

It also sets out the arrangements the local authority will make in order to carry out its legal duty, for example if it appears that a child of compulsory school age is not receiving education suitable to age, ability, aptitude, and special needs; to take steps to ensure that this is remedied.

The Learning and Communities Department of Plymouth City Council takes the lead role in working with home educators and the young people who are being electively home educated in Plymouth.

Schools are required to advise the Local Authority if they are made aware of a pupil that is being home educated by using the form below.

EHE Childs Voice June 2019

Elective home education overview

The elective home education provides an overview of:

  • relevant legislation
  • when Plymouth City Council will conduct home visits
  • how Plymouth City Council determines suitability
  • what happens in respect of home educated children who have an EHCP
  • support for home educators
  • national and local learning from safeguarding reviews.

The numbers of children being deregistered from schools to be electively home educated (EHE) continues to increase and remains a priority for the city. 

Following the Rapid Review of Child C, a range of measures have been put in place to reduce the numbers of vulnerable children entering elective home education.

These technical papers were formally approved by the Child Safeguarding Practice Review sub group of the Plymouth Safeguarding Children’s Partnership on 7 July 2022.