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Exclusion Documents

Exclusion Documents

Below you will find the model letters and documents that every school should use when excluding a pupil (either for a suspension (previously known as fixed term) or permanent exclusion). These letters will ensure that you are complying with current legislation in respect of exclusion and have been taken from the Department for Education website.

Model Exclusion Letter 10

EXC1 form

Permanent exclusions

Following a permanent exclusion, the Inclusion, Attendance and Welfare Service must be contacted on 307405 immediately.

ACE Referral form

This ACE Referral form must be completed by the school within 24 hours of a decision to permanently exclude. The school does not need to have parental consent in the case of a permanent exclusion. As the commissioner of statutory provision from day six of a permanent exclusion, Plymouth City Council will complete the section of the referral relating to commissioning. Once completed, please ensure that the electronic referral form is emailed to