Cattedown fuel distribution depot

Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 1999 (COMAH)

Under the guidelines of the Regulations described below, Plymouth City Council is currently responsible for preparing, developing and exercising two top-tier off-site emergency plans at Valero Energy Limited Fuel Distribution Depot, Cattedown and Greenergy Fuel Distribution Depot, Cattedown.

COMAH requires operators of establishments where dangerous substances are present, to take all measures necessary to prevent and mitigate the effects of major accidents to people and to the environment and demonstration of the presence of adequate safety measures is a key part of the process. The Regulations are enforced by a Competent Authority, which consists of the HSE and the Environment Agency.

The Regulations apply at two thresholds; namely the lower-tier and top-tier, depending upon the quantity of dangerous substances stored. If the lower-tier threshold is reached or exceeded, operators must notify the competent authority and prepare a major accident prevention plan and if the top-tier threshold is reached or exceeded, operators must comply with additional requirements to provide a safety report and an on-site emergency plan. It is also the responsibility of the Local Authority to prepare an off-site emergency plan for each identified top-tier site.

The off-site plan details how the emergency services and the Local Authority will work together to warn, inform and protect the public before, during and after any potential incident.

Regulation 14 of COMAH prescribes that operators prepare information for the public about their operation and any potential incidents that may arise. This information is sent directly to those households and businesses within an HSE defined consultation area around each site. A public information leaflet has been distributed to all households within 2.5 km of the two sites.

Emergency text notifications

If you are a resident or a local business in the area, you can sign up to our Emergency Notification System 'warning and informing' text messaging service. This system will notify you in the very unlikely event of an emergency at the site.