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Football and rugby pitches in and out of play

Weekend of 9 and 10 December 2023

Sometimes our sports pitches are 'Out of Action' over a weekend due to bad weather. We update this page during the playing season and indicate which pitches are playable.

Football pitches 

Pitch In play Out of action 
Tothill Enclosure x
Tothill x
Devonport 1 x
Devonport 2 x
Victoria 1 x
Victoria 2 x
Northdown 1 x
Northdown 2 x
Northdown mini x
Manadon 1 x
Manadon mini 1 x
Manadon mini 2 x
Sheridan x
Knowle Battery x
Knowle Battery 2 x
Knowle Battery 3 x
Estuary Way x
Aylesbury 1 x
Aylesbury 2 x
Aylesbury 3 x
Staddiscombe 1 x
Staddiscombe 2 x
Staddiscombe 3 x
Staddiscombe 4 x
Staddiscombe 5 x
Staddiscombe 6 x
Staddiscombe 7 x
Staddiscombe 8 x
Staddiscombe 9 x
Staddiscombe 10 x
Staddiscombe 11 x
Staddiscombe 12 x
West Park x
Plympton 1 x
Plympton 2 x
Bond Street 1 x
Bond Street 2 x
Central Park Hub (7v7) x
Central Park Cottage Field x
Central Park Plateau 1 x
Central Park Plateau 2 x
Chaucer Way x
Higher Efford 1 x
Higher Efford 2 x
Plymview x

Rugby pitches

Pitch In play Out of action
Central Park x
Stonehouse 1 x
Stonehouse 2 x
Stonehouse 3 x
Stonehouse mini x
King George V 1 x
King George V 2 x
King George V 3 x
Plympton x