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Monthly Business Rates Data

The latest data relating to non-domestic premises within Plymouth is available below in xslx file format and are published monthly. The production date is detailed at the top of each report.

  • Property Address
  • Current Rateable Value
  • Account Holder
  • Occ/Liab Start Date
  • Mandatory Relief
  • Discretionary Relief
  • Empty Property
  • Empty Date
  • Small Business
  • Local Relief
  • VO Description
  • 2022-2023 Net Charge
  • Listed Building Exemption

Please note that the information has been redacted in order to remove details relating to individuals/sole traders/partnerships as this data is exempt in accordance with section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. In some cases this may mean that non-personal accounts have also been removed. This section of the Act provides an exemption to the general right of access to information, where the disclosure of personal information would breach any of the Data Protection principles. The Council considers that disclosure of this information would constitute a breach of the fairness requirement of the first principle. This is because the individuals in question have not consented to the disclosure of their details. In addition they have a reasonable expectation that the Council will keep their information confidential.

Details relating to empty properties will not be disclosed in accordance with the following Information Commissioner decisions and associated legislation.

The information provided was correct at the time of publication.