Report a parking issue

Request parking enforcement

Vehicles parked on footways, yellow lines, school restrictions or in front of dropped kerbs can cause obstruction, congestion, and even endanger pedestrians and other road users.
You can request a Civil Enforcement Officer on duty nearby to visit the location. If necessary a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued.

Request enforcement

Report parking fraud

If you suspect someone of using a parking permit or disabled badge that they are not entitled to or you want to report potential fraud, please report it now. All allegations will be investigated by the council's fraud team in the strictest confidence.

Report fraud

Faulty machine

If a pay and display machine is broken or damaged let us know. You can use Ringo or another machine nearby to pay for parking.

If you need to request a refund you must use the refund option below.

Report fault

Report faulty signs or road markings

Report a defect

Request a refund

If a machine hasn't given you the correct change, let us know. Once we've investigated we'll contact you.

Request refund