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Plymouth Multi-agency Adult Safeguarding Guidance

This manual is intended to guide the safeguarding approach of all agencies across all sectors, and sets out expectations which should be regarded as best practice and to which signatory agencies have agreed. It contains policy and detailed guidance, as well as other procedures which constitute the Safeguarding Process. It is also supported and informed by a range of other documents which are linked in relevant chapters.

The policy has been developed in line with the Care and Support Statutory Guidance - Issued under the Care Act 2014, Department of Health and the 2016 revised guidance.

This contents list is sub divided into the following sections, each section contains relevant Chapters/Procedures:

1. Context and Introduction

2. Safeguarding Framework

4. Library

Legislation library

5. Local contacts and keywords

Section Title
5.1 Local Contacts
5.2 Local Keywords

National guidance

National guidance list

In this section